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Microsoft wants to spy on you

19 March, 2016 (10:08) | CIA, FBI, NSA | By: admin

WinX, or windows 10, is nothing more than a cloud based operation system that will and does record all of your keystrokes and monitors everything you do on your computer. It is free just like facebook. Why? To collect big data. Ask yourself, why would microsoft give this away rather than charge you $200? Quite simply, the data it collects about you is worth far more. These folks no longer make their money from selling windows. They currently make their money from cloud based operations, which includes, gathering every bit of data and information about you that they possible can. JUST SAY NO! This tool will eliminate microsoft’s malware/spyware from your system. Download GWS Control Panel today and use it!

Yeah, right

17 February, 2016 (14:53) | CIA, NSA, Politics, Science | By: admin

The government’s use of a 230 year old law, the All Writs Act of 1789 to try to force Apple to provide the government with a backdoor to all iPhones has caused a huge stir today. And well it should. What is crystal clear is that americans get all bent out of shape if anyone even suggests common sense gun laws while these same americans could care less when it is suggested that we should accept that our government should control our privacy. Both issues are addressed in our Constitution. The fools who could give a damn about privacy rely on their leader’s claims that they could prevent acts of terror if we had zero privacy. How do I know these folks are fools? Easy, they insult us by making claims that the Paris terror event WOULD have been prevented had it not been for encryption. No one can prove this, it is a known unknown. It is clear that those that proceed on false assertions are fools. So please, all of you politicians that are banging the drum for government backdoors to encryption, just shut the fuck up. But what can you expect from a country filled with the pride that dubya kept us safe, except on 9/11.

American Cowards

19 November, 2015 (10:06) | CIA, NSA, Politics | By: admin

I have never seen so many yellow bellied cowards in my entire life than have popped out of the woodwork after the tragic Paris bombings. In particular a-holes like joe scarborough are out there bad-mouthing our potus for ridiculing those that are afraid of refugees, including children, from Syria. That includes all the fucked up governors that think they can ban Sryian refugees from relocating to their states despite the fact that such actions are entirely illegal. And of course all, and I mean ALL, the pundits from the industrial military complex are demanding more and more funding and boots to fight those isil punks. And make no mistake about it, isil is nothing more than a bunch of punks. This notion that our great country should be afraid of isil is probably the most UN-AMERICAN idea one could imagine. Face it, that is all the right wing has – fear. And I have grown sick and tired of it long, long ago. And the notion that, that bitch hillary can lecture our great country on national security, when it is those very policies that this bitch has supported for years, that are part the primary root causes of the conflict we now see in the middle east is laughable at best. And hey yellow bellied congress – how about voting on an AUMF? Talk about loud mouth cowards. Now these fools are screaming about encryption. This foolish notion pushed by jeb and others, that our encryption technology should purposely be designed so that the government can break it and along with that notion, that our government is somehow justified in ignoring our 4th amendment and continuing to record much if not all of our Internet activities is just a bunch of hooey. No comrade feinstein, trashing our 4th amendment is not called protecting america. And it never will be. So quit using fear to justify trashing our Constitution. If you folks are so damn serious about these issues, then repeal our constitution. But we all know you won’t do that, you are just there to obtain more and more money for our undeclared perpetual war, wars that you are too yellow bellied to declare. Americans do not live in fear. Living in fear, even the fear of god, is an asinine way to live and benefits no one except those that gear up, either politically or militarily, for more funding and power. There is a reason I am cutting the cord this month. If these folks like AT&T (which just took control of DirecTV) think that I’ll shell out $100/month so that they can pump their corporate propaganda into my home, they can think again. So to all of yellow bellied punks like scarborough and the rest of the corporate media, GO FUCK YOURSELVES!

You can’t let a Republican win!

9 November, 2015 (08:14) | CIA, Economics, NSA, Politics | By: admin

I get so tired of hearing so called progressive pundits like Thom Hartman claim that he will support the hill if she becomes the nominee because she is better than having a republican in the white house! Seriously? Doesn’t that fear card belong to republicans? And since when it it acceptable to elect a republican masquerading as a democrat? Why the hell has this man had the bern on his show for the past 10 years and then go around and stab him in the back with this silly notion that the hill is a democrat? It is clear, that when democrats run as republican lite, they lose. And where did this mantra of the corporate media come from that the hill will win? What examples of this exist in the past? None. The hill was in the exact same position as the presumed nominee eight years ago and then lost it all to that black guy. I am tuning out and turning off any and all conversations that anyone anywhere has about the hill. It is sheer corporate bs. The hill is a loser, plain and simple and I will never support her despite her whining about about being a woman. Who gives a frack? This guy has it right, and I am including his recent post on 10 reasons he is only voting for the bern. Why? Because I too will also write in the bern for president on my ballet if it comes to that. 1. The Iraq War. Sanders was on the right side of history. Bernie Sanders voted against the Iraq War, using the same intelligence reports as Clinton and Bush. He also foreshadowed the dire consequences of Iraq. In contrast, Hillary Clinton voted for Iraq and now calls her vote a “mistake.” In 2005, Senator Clinton even said the “insurgency is failing” after a visit to Iraq. I want President Bernie Sanders, who was recently given the Congressional Award by the VFW and stated on CNN that “I’ll be damned” if he sends more Americans back to the Middle East as president. Mass shootings are happening under President Obama, so gun violence can only be solved by Congress, not the president. However, Senators can’t send troops abroad unilaterally, but a president can bomb anywhere and deploy troops at will, without Congressional approval. The AUMF gives the president a certain time period to engage in war and send troops anywhere, without Congressional approval. Regardless of her neoconservative outlook on war and foreign policy, certain “Facebook Liberals” who hate Bush but love Hillary also forget that Clinton and Bush aren’t very different in terms of foreign policy. As Jacob Heilbrunn writes in The New York Times, “It’s easy to imagine Mrs. Clinton’s making room for the neocons in her administration.” President Obama just sent Americans to Syria, and might even send more American soldiers in the near future. There’s no doubt President Hillary Clinton would send more Americans to the Middle East. I’m not certain we need a president who jokes, “We came, we saw, he died,” and then helps usher a devastating civil war in Libya with her decision to oust a dictator. You can hear Secretary of State Clinton utter the words in this CBS News segment. 2. The Keystone XL Pipeline. Bernie Sanders has always been against Keystone XL. Keystone XL may threaten water acquirers that irrigate much of the U.S. We know President Sanders will continue President Obama’s vetoes of Keystone XL. Clinton was once inclined to support Keystone. She has now evolved, along with a number of other issues. I simply do not trust President Clinton to veto Keystone legislation. 3. Euphemisms. Bernie Sanders never uses euphemisms. I trust Bernie because he speaks clearly; English is a means to communicate, not shield from criticism. Clinton, on the other hand, lives by euphemism and I explain why Orwell would vote for Bernie Sanders in a recent YouTube segment. From a “witch hunt” to wiping a server used out of “convenience” with a “cloth,” too many words are used to hide the truth. 4. One candidate is the Charles Darwin of politics. The other is Bernie Sanders. Clinton always evolves; usually following Bernie’s lead on issues. I wouldn’t sign a contract with an “evolving” clause, nor would I want a president who continually evolves based upon reasons unknown to the average voter. 5. Presidential powers. On war and foreign policy, I want a Democrat, not a Republican. I explain this viewpoint in a recent article. Sanders is the Democrat on foreign policy, while Clinton is another Republican in 2016. 6. The TPP. Sanders has always been against the TPP. Clinton supported it 45 times, but now says she’s against it. As POLITIFACT states, “It’s up to voters to decide how they feel about her changed stance on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but we rate Clinton’s reversal as a Full Flop.” 7. Clinton’s 3:00 a.m. ad and Racism. Bernie Sanders has a comprehensive racial justice platform. Clinton’s 3:00 a.m. ad in 2008 had a “racist sub-message” according to one Harvard sociologist. 8. I want a Democrat in the White House. I don’t want a moderate Republican on Wall Street, or a neocon pertaining to war. 9. The DNC needs to end its fear of being too progressive. I’ll only vote for Sanders because progressive politics are mainstream. This isn’t 1972 and Nixon is no longer with us, unless you equate Clinton to Richard Nixon. 10. Bernie Sanders is a “once in a lifetime candidate.” Clinton represents establishment politics. If you’re not voting for Sanders in 2016, don’t ever again complain about Wall Street, perpetual wars, or money in politics. Thank you H. A. Goodman!

Traitorous Hayden Desperate

17 January, 2015 (12:08) | CIA, NSA, Politics | By: admin

That foolish general that instigated wide spread snooping on millions of innocent Americans has been participating in every and any forum he can find, all to try to polish his image. Recently I saw him on a panel with a right wing nut from the gubber party discussing national security. My mouth completely dropped when both Rogers & Hayden claimed the Snowden revelations stop and halted the debate in Washington. What? The debate was not stopped by Snowden, it was for all practical purposes – started. I’ve been blogging about this for years on end. Obama completely lost me when he stood at the podium and claimed that all that illegal snooping was indeed legal, that it had been fully disclosed to Congress and fully approve by the courts. I don’t like being treated with disrespect and presumed a fool. Absolutely none of that message is true. And despite calls from some that I should treat those that have earned my disrespect with respect, that is pointless. It is clear that the elites in this country are all above the law. A perfect example is comrade Feinstein’s comments that General Petraeus has suffered enough and we should just forget about what is legal and what is not. The government has gone out of their way to hide the program and rather than protect whistle blowers, our administration has taken unprecedented legal actions throwing long obsolete laws into play and harassing everyone and anyone that dares question the authority of our pre fascist government that is run by and for the “corporations are people too” crowd. Hayden is a traitor, plain and simple. I’ve had it with all the fools that try to tell me that in order to protect our freedoms that we must involuntarily give them up. Bullshit. If Hayden and others want to know what I think, then just read my posts. You don’t need to record my entire electronic footprint to ascertain that I think you are all wrong and I am stating clearly for the record that I believe you are all traitors to our country. To claim that millions of innocent Americans must be presumed guilty and unable to prove innocence by a secretive government is not the country I grew up in.

Just Stop Wallace

11 December, 2014 (12:18) | CIA, Politics | By: admin

Dubya’s former communications chief was all over the airwaves throwing a hissy fit about the torture report claiming that of course we should torture, of course we should violate international and domestic law. We are THE empire and what dubya said and did should be the norm for our country. This woman should just shut the fuck up. She constantly debates with stupid quips of Obama this and Obama that. She has yet to enumerate a logical and consistent argument for any of her positions. It is all dubya was god and she is a goddess and how dare anyone question either of them. Those on the right are found of attaching events that happen during a president’s term directly to the president. A perfect example is calling Obama the food stamp president. They fail to put together the pieces, namely that it was vodoo economics that created the need for more food stamps. I will never forget and the world all knows that 9/11 occurred during dubya’s watch and he needs to be held totally accountable. It is public record that dubya ignored the warnings from Clarke and others and was completely preoccupied with avenging the attempted assassination of his father and was looking for any excuse to invade Iraq. Let us not forget that the torture program was reverse engineered from torture programs that were intended to illicit false confessions from american prisoners. Dubya wanted to torture a prisoner into confessing that yes, indeed Sadam was the mastermind of 9/11. History records that dubya quickly shifted his attention to Iraq after 9/11 leaving the capture and killing of Osama to that black guy. So enough Nicole. There is not a damn thing you can say or do that will erase from history the total and complete failure dubya was as our POTUS. I and many others, are damn tired of having you and your ilk continue to embarrass our nation on the world stage with your nonsense that we are a nation of men that can and should be free to break any law while making false claims of patriotism. The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive   Wallace, you are one disgusting woman.

Unbridled Rage

9 December, 2014 (09:42) | CIA, Politics | By: admin

I listened carefully to Sen Feinstien’s floor speech this morning and I have to admit that I have never felt such a rush of anger and rage well up inside of me when she started her concluding remarks summarizing that the entire torture(EIT) program was a violation of everything that Americans believe in and stand for. Dubya orchestrated this whole thing with a healthy dose of plausible deniability (dubya was desperate to pin 9/11 on Sadam Husein). There is one and only one action that will quell my rage and anger. All of them, from dubya on down need to face criminal charges so that history can correctly record that indeed dubya was the biggest fool and criminal to ever lead our nation. It is unfortunate that politics will try to lay all of this at the feet of CIA. It is well deserved but inadequate. Those at the top started this mess and they need to face up to the fact that they and they alone are accountable and responsible for the single biggest disgrace our country has ever faced. Saying “never again” doesn’t cut it. The entire argument that “transparency” about this subject will prevent this from ever happening again is a god damn slap in the face. This is the face of american justice. No, there is but one way to stop this. Arrest, perp walks, and trials are in order. Take careful note of the fools that are criticizing this report. They are the same fools that believe that anyone who does not take their talking points at face value, well, they live in a fact free universe.