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Consumer Protection – Blackburn Style

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Trump Truth

2 March, 2017 (08:22) | Economics, Politics, Science | By: admin

!Conservative Intellectualism

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Tic-Tok MFs!

Berners! Now We Get Even!

30 July, 2016 (09:56) | Economics, Politics | By: admin

Roland Vincent After a year of rigged primaries, a supposedly impartial party leadership, leaked emails which prove conspiracy and treason, the corrupt Democratic political machine has nominated the Whore of Wall Street as its standard bearer. We progressives are now expected to get in line and support Hillary. Bernie has endorsed her. The alternative is Trump! OMG! We have no choice! Wrong! If the Democrats were seriously concerned about Trump, they would have nominated Bernie, who could have easily defeated Trump. They did not, Why? Because Bernie would not have played the game with Wall Street and the oligarchy. He would not have sold his presidency. He would have fought the special interests that have controlled the US government under both parties for decades. Bernie had to be defeated. And now Donald Trump has to be defeated. Trump is as much of a problem as was Bernie. The powers that be have no hook in him. He campaigned against the same powers that have controlled the government under Clinton, Bush, and Obama. If Trump wins, the Republican party will not return to the right wing corporatist party it has been since Richard Nixon. Trump will make it a populist, middle class, anti-Wall Street party that will no longer be a mouthpiece for the 1%. And if Hillary wins, the establishment will have dodged the Mother of All Bullets! An outraged citizenry! Hillary and her cohorts are scrambling to make this a contest between fascism and bigotry versus her reasoned approach to government. The problem is that her reasoned approach to government is government for sale to the highest bidder, government that is corrupt, oppressive, and owned by multinational corporations and Wall Street banks. A government that shovels profits into the coffers of the military-industrial complex as fast as wars can be fought and regimes overthrown. As quickly as drones (can) be launched and women and children killed. Berners are not going for it. They recognize that Hillary is the enemy they have been fighting for a year. Hillary has bragged that Bernie has not changed any of her positions. And now we see just what she really is when we look at her vice presidential pick: a right wing, pro life, pro TPP Wall Street sycophant like Hillary herself. After a year of abuse and betrayal, a convention that coronated the Whore of Wall Street, a barrage of emails proving that Hillary is as corrupt as we long suspected, a fix in with the Obama administration to avoid Hillary being indicted, and the humiliation of the DNC marginalizing Bernie delegates, we Berners have had it. Berners are flocking to Jill Stein, the Bernie of Bust movement is in full gear, and many progressives are buying into Progressives for Trump as a way to ensure that Wall Street Democrats are defeated up and down the Democratic ticket, making way for progressives to take over the Democratic party. Bernie has to put on his loyal Democrat face if he wants to wage his revolution from within the Democratic party. He cannot admit that the best case scenario would be for him to support Hillary and for her to then lose. His nemesis would be gone, her ability to stack the party leadership would never arise, and Bernie and his progressives would be heirs to the party machinery nationally and across the country. We would sweep the midterms against the Republicans, winning enough statehouses and legislative chambers to assure control of reapportionment in 2020. A true progressive would be nominated and elected in 2020 and the Democrats would control both houses of Congress as well as the presidency. The alternative, with Hillary being elected, will mean we lose the 2018 midterms, lose control of reapportionment in 2020, the progressive revolution is stymied for 8 years, the Democrats lose control of Congress for another decade, and the likelihood of a Democrat winning in 2024 is virtually non-existent. Bernie believes that the future of his political revolution is from within the Democratic party. He believes it would be easier to change the party into a democratic socialist party than it would be to grow the Greens into national contention. He knows that a significant number of rank-and-file Democrats mindlessly vote for the party. And he knows he must be perceived as having helped rather than hurt Hillary to avoid the establishment blaming Bernie if she loses. The best thing that could happen would be, of course, that Hillary is defeated, leaving Bernie and his progressives the major force in the party. But he can never admit as much. Voting for Trump is only helpful in those states where he might be able to defeat Hillary, so called battleground or purple states. Purple states include or may include Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico. North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin. But for Sanders voters in red sates, those carried by McCain in 2008 or Mitt Romney in 2012. there is nothing to be gained by voting for Trump, as he will carry those states against Hillary with or without Sanders voters. Same with deep blue states like California and New York. Hillary will comfortably carry such states, so a vote against her is wasted. Might as well help Jill Stein. Sanders supporters in deep red or blue states have the opportunity to make a profound difference to the American political landscape by voting for Jill Stein of the Green party. While the likelihood is minimal that such votes would do anything to affect the outcome of races in those states, the cumulative effect of a wave of Green party votes could operate to help the party grow and possibly become a national political force. We are not going to support Hillary. We are not going to go quietly into the night. We are not going to fall in line. We are going to get even! We are going to make sure Hillary is never president. We are going to make sure that Hillary can never cheat Bernie again. That she will not be able to stack the DNC against progressives as Obama did. That Bernie and his insurgents will be the heirs of a new Democratic party, out from under the yokes of Wall street, Big Oil. Big Pharma, the insurance lobby, and the munitions manufacturers.. […]

The Future of Broadcast news

2 April, 2016 (07:50) | Economics, Politics | By: admin

Lamestreet media, like the huffingtonpost, continue to run hit pieces on “feeling the bern” mixed with a heavy dose of celebrities wearing so called “hot” dresses or whatever kind of trivia these folks think make up click bait. Meanwhile serious folks like The Young Turks are slowly taking over the jobs that lamestreet media has fought to deprive from all of us. Case in point:

The Apple Fight Is About All of Us

19 March, 2016 (07:35) | Economics, FBI, NSA, Politics | By: admin

A Joint Statement from Access Now, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation Apple is engaged in a high-profile battle against a court order demanding it write, sign, and deploy custom computer code to defeat the security on an iPhone. As civil liberties groups committed to the freedom of thought that underpins a democratic society, this fight is our fight. It is the fight of every person who believes in a future where technology does not come at the cost of privacy or individual security and where there are reasonable safeguards on government power. This is a fight that implicates all technology users. There are already bad actors trying to defeat the security on iPhones, and an FBI-ordered backdoor will only assist their efforts. Once this has been created, malicious hackers will surely increase their attacks on the FBI and Apple, hoping to ferret out clues to this entrance route and they may well succeed. The precedent created by this case is disturbing: it creates a new pathway for the government to conscript private companies into building surveillance tools. If Apple can be compelled to create a master key to unlock this iPhone, then little will prevent the government from ordering any company to turn its products into tools of surveillance, compromising the safety, privacy, and security of everyone. Our organizations are committed to defending the security and human rights of everyday people whose data will be implicated by this shortsighted policy. We call on the Obama Administration to heed the advice of neutral security experts, engineers, and even his own advisors who have affirmed the dangers inherent in the order issued to Apple. We urge them to reject the calls of those who seek to undermine our security, whether through backdoors into our software, master keys to unlock our digital data, or pressure on companies to downgrade our security. Over 100,000 people have called for President Obama to stand up for security in our devices through Its time for the President to be accountable to them, and to all of us. We ask our supporters to join this call by sharing this graphic with President Obama and the rest of the world.

Fact Checking the TPP

6 March, 2016 (09:46) | Economics, Politics | By: admin

Hillary Clinton’s True Loyalties

1 February, 2016 (05:18) | Economics, Politics | By: admin


8 January, 2016 (13:14) | Economics, NSA, Politics | By: admin

Today the administration sent some of its highest ranking officials to silicon valley to try to enlist some of our tech giants into furthering the war on terror. These folks are not yet happy in that they have destroyed our 4th amendment with all the useless god damn warrantless monitoring of our Internet, now they are going after our 1st amendment, cause ya know that darn ol’ Constitution is not a suicide pact. These folks want to turn our tech industry into a bunch of snitches and snoops. And to top it off they are expected to push for the government’s sole right to encryption. This is pure bs on so many levels it is hard to count. It seems best summarized by Leah in her first encounter with Darth Vader, when she exclaims that the harder Vader tries to clamp down on the various star systems, the more they will slip through his fingers. Our government does not get it. A bigger haystack has not stopped a single incident of so called terror. Censoring social media will follow close behind in it’s utter failure to change anything, except… You know those freedoms ol dubya claimed our enemies hated, well our government is fixated on destroying all of them. Soon they seem to reason, there will not be any reason for anyone to hate america. Except of course, Americans. God damn it mr. potus. When are you going to get it through that head of yours that you are being badly served. For once stop with the pouring more money down the rat trap known as our industrial military complex and start with policies that will actually make a difference to America. Chasing a cause of death of Americans that ranks at the bottom of the list is hardly good stewardship of our tax dollars and intellect. You would save more lives and money if you directed OSHA to design and require building of ladders that no one could fall off of. Or perhaps automobiles that could not crash. Enough of this neocon nonsense that serves one purpose, to generate hatred from the rest of the world all the while making a few ceo’s more than a pocket full of change. And oh yeah mr. potus, don’t expect me to tune in to your upcoming address. I am damn tired of being governed by right wing psychopaths masquerading as democrats.

Potus cries, The Bern turns up the heat

5 January, 2016 (16:27) | Economics, NSA, Politics | By: admin

Sorry potus, I have become immune to your voice. I also shed a few tears the minute the polls closed on the west coast and guaranteed your first victory. But I will not apologize for deliberately tuning you out today. Sure I was disappointed when you refused to investigate war crimes. And don’t get me started on too big to fail. And you know what, obamacare ain’t really that great, but at least I can get insurance to cover medical disasters. Then you started in with all the lies about how secret laws debated in secret courts was and is a legal justification for recording ALL Internet traffic all the while claiming that no one is really listening and making a big deal about the meta data from the phone companies when we all know that is just the tip of the ice berg. Your prosecution of Drake was inexcusable as is your drone hit list. And you top it off with pushing that damn TPP crap on us? No, that is not what you promised nor is that what I voted for. So while you spent your time on the bully pulpit today shedding some tears, there was another man giving the speech you should have given over 7 years ago. Not only did the bern declare war on the so called 1%, he came out with knives sharpened for the clintons, mocking hillary’s claim that she told wall street “to cut it out“, dismissing her prescriptions for solving the issues, and laying firmly at Bill’s feat his complicity in creating the near depression of 2008. Too bad potus. Had you had the guts 7 years ago and called out many of these issues we would be well on our way out of this mess rather than be facing, as we are in 2016, yet another wall street induced recession.