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Microsoft wants to spy on you

19 March, 2016 (10:08) | CIA, FBI, NSA | By: admin

WinX, or windows 10, is nothing more than a cloud based operation system that will and does record all of your keystrokes and monitors everything you do on your computer. It is free just like facebook. Why? To collect big data. Ask yourself, why would microsoft give this away rather than charge you $200? Quite simply, the data it collects about you is worth far more. These folks no longer make their money from selling windows. They currently make their money from cloud based operations, which includes, gathering every bit of data and information about you that they possible can. JUST SAY NO! This tool will eliminate microsoft’s malware/spyware from your system. Download GWS Control Panel today and use it!

The Apple Fight Is About All of Us

19 March, 2016 (07:35) | Economics, FBI, NSA, Politics | By: admin

A Joint Statement from Access Now, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation Apple is engaged in a high-profile battle against a court order demanding it write, sign, and deploy custom computer code to defeat the security on an iPhone. As civil liberties groups committed to the freedom of thought that underpins a democratic society, this fight is our fight. It is the fight of every person who believes in a future where technology does not come at the cost of privacy or individual security and where there are reasonable safeguards on government power. This is a fight that implicates all technology users. There are already bad actors trying to defeat the security on iPhones, and an FBI-ordered backdoor will only assist their efforts. Once this has been created, malicious hackers will surely increase their attacks on the FBI and Apple, hoping to ferret out clues to this entrance route and they may well succeed. The precedent created by this case is disturbing: it creates a new pathway for the government to conscript private companies into building surveillance tools. If Apple can be compelled to create a master key to unlock this iPhone, then little will prevent the government from ordering any company to turn its products into tools of surveillance, compromising the safety, privacy, and security of everyone. Our organizations are committed to defending the security and human rights of everyday people whose data will be implicated by this shortsighted policy. We call on the Obama Administration to heed the advice of neutral security experts, engineers, and even his own advisors who have affirmed the dangers inherent in the order issued to Apple. We urge them to reject the calls of those who seek to undermine our security, whether through backdoors into our software, master keys to unlock our digital data, or pressure on companies to downgrade our security. Over 100,000 people have called for President Obama to stand up for security in our devices through Its time for the President to be accountable to them, and to all of us. We ask our supporters to join this call by sharing this graphic with President Obama and the rest of the world.

Apple this Comrade Feinstein

14 March, 2016 (07:52) | FBI, NSA, Politics | By: admin

Comrade feinstein, you may know her as an alleged senator from california, has recently submitted a bill/amendment/whatever called the Burr-Feinstein encryption bill. WTF? I sent her a very nasty email and she deserves it. But, as usual, someone else has spent the time and effort to really clarify what a fricken yuge mistake this bill is and why our comrade from ca doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about. To hammer the nail of my point in, tech companies are working to INCREASE the use of encryption. And to confirm, even the most hawkish senators are having second thoughts, “Its just not so simple”, Graham responded. “I thought it was that simple”.

BORDC/DDF Executive Director Sue Udry made these remarks

24 February, 2016 (10:02) | FBI, Politics | By: admin

A magistrate judge, an Apple employee, and an FBI agent walk into a … Actually, only the Apple employee walks in. You know why? Because the bar didn’t have a back door. And, actually, because the FBI is too busy spinning this story to go drinking. This week, FBI Director James Comey told us he wants into this iPhone because “the FBI simply must do all we can under the law to investigate”… what he really meant is that they must do all they can to leave no fear unexploited. Because that is what the FBI is doing: simultaneously pandering to, exploiting and breeding Islamophobia to get what they want, a crow bar to get into our devices. The only way you don’t see this is if you ignore the entire history of the FBI. Like if you go watch Mississippi Burning and you think, wow, that FBI, what civil rights heroes they are. Just think about all the ways the FBI can pry into our lives: they can use National Security Letters to demand our phone and bank records, scoop up our metadata under the USA Freedom Act, they can use Stingrays, ALPRs, get anything off the cloud, and of course, they can ransack our homes and offices. Without a warrant, without even suspicion of any wrongdoing, FBI agents can infiltrate a social movement like Occupy or Black Lives Matter, they can send a paid informant to pose as a Muslim to join a mosque, befriend and even seduce members in an attempt to entrap them in a fake terror plot, they can dig through our trash, question our friends, co-workers and bosses about us. Our lives, our thoughts, our relations, are an open book for the FBI. never before have they had access to so much information about so many innocent people. And they are not above using it to harass and repress members of minority groups or groups whose politics they don’t like. Ask Martin Luther King, ask Fred Hampton, ask Black Lives Matter, Occupy, Environmentalists, peace activists, animal rights activists or any Muslim, south Asian or Arab person in this country what it feels like to be targeted by the FBI for doing nothing illegal. The FBI can’t have access to every millimeter of our lives, because they screw us when they do. And I totally agree.