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Science in America

22 April, 2017 (07:16) | Politics, Science | By: admin

The single issue that pisses me off more than anything else in our country today is the political will to deny and denegrate science. What is fact, and what is not a fact should not be a debatable political issue. This is why politicians denegrate science, they cannot dispute it, yet they do, for one reason: money and power.

Trump Truth

2 March, 2017 (08:22) | Economics, Politics, Science | By: admin

The overblown war on terrorism

27 March, 2016 (08:28) | Politics, Science | By: admin

If there really is such a thing, a war on a tactic, then as I have long stated, it is overblown. Americans don’t die due to terrorism, at least, not very many. Hear are the major causes of death in the good ol US of A during the year 2014: 1. Heart disease: 611,105 2. Cancer: 584,881 3. Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 149,205 4. Accidents (unintentional injuries): 130,557 5. Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 128,978 6. Alzheimers disease: 84,767 7. Diabetes: 75,578 8. Influenza and Pneumonia: 56,979 9. Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 47,112 10. Intentional self-harm (suicide): 41,149 And to top it off during the ten years from 2005 – 2015 1 Americans were killed on US soil by extremists, of whom 24 were killed by Muslim extremists (white supremacists etc. were more deadly than Muslims). That is an average of a little over 7 per year. In the same period, some 303 Americans died from terrorism worldwide, or 30.3 per year. People just die in unintended accidents like falling down in the bathtub a the rate of 130,00 a year. Despite the tiny number of victims (and each life of every one of them is precious), the American government shells out around $500 million on anti-terrorism programs per victim. But the USG only puts out $10,000 on cancer research per victim. This post originally ran on Truthdig contributor Juan Coles website.

Yeah, right

17 February, 2016 (14:53) | CIA, NSA, Politics, Science | By: admin

The government’s use of a 230 year old law, the All Writs Act of 1789 to try to force Apple to provide the government with a backdoor to all iPhones has caused a huge stir today. And well it should. What is crystal clear is that americans get all bent out of shape if anyone even suggests common sense gun laws while these same americans could care less when it is suggested that we should accept that our government should control our privacy. Both issues are addressed in our Constitution. The fools who could give a damn about privacy rely on their leader’s claims that they could prevent acts of terror if we had zero privacy. How do I know these folks are fools? Easy, they insult us by making claims that the Paris terror event WOULD have been prevented had it not been for encryption. No one can prove this, it is a known unknown. It is clear that those that proceed on false assertions are fools. So please, all of you politicians that are banging the drum for government backdoors to encryption, just shut the fuck up. But what can you expect from a country filled with the pride that dubya kept us safe, except on 9/11.

GOP’s vocal bullshit

13 December, 2015 (09:24) | Economics, Politics, Science | By: admin

Today’s gop will go down in history right along side the church of millenia’s ago, who excommunicated and otherwise imprisoned men of science for writing about their prescience observations. To hear the turtle claim that ‘The President should remember that the historic agreement is subject to being shredded in 13 months’ is a slap in the face for all of us technically inclined and blessed and an absolute disgrace for America in the eyes of the world. What is wrong with these folks? Is their hunger for absolute power so strong that they are willing to tell any lie, provide opposition solely based on some asinine political agenda, that they would put in jeopardy our very existence and right to life on this planet? Make no bones about it, climate change is real and is at the very least costing untold billions and in some cases, actually killing powerless people across this planet. No mr. turtle. It takes more than some idiot senator from oklahoma throwing a snowball in the well of the senate to disprove that our planet is warming and you folks will all face judgement day when you face your god and he laughs in your face when he hears that you believe you deserve a place in heaven.

Seriously, American fricken neo-fascists?

10 December, 2015 (16:20) | NSA, Politics, Science | By: admin

What the hell is going on? Our country has been turned into a homeland and it is being run by neo-fascists! Did I see that news report correctly? Our sec of defense is on the tube encouraging the entire world to go to war? And he is proud of it? Why do these folks tell us there is no military solution and then go out there and hawk for the military? But what should we expect? You’ve got some duecy fool on fox and friends, a show no one would watch if that dumb blond didn’t wear such short skirts. But anyway, there he is professing to be a christian and there he is bearing false witness calmly telling us all that climate change is a hoax. What, does he have something in his eye? And of all the nerve, that dumb blond, hassleback or something like that, doing a segment promoting martial arts as a way for children to protect themselves against the hot lead fired from the end of a gun. Seriously? It takes some serious training to dodge bullets. She is going to get some kids killed. The first rule of martial arts is avoidance. Guess hassleback is too busy shortening up her skirts to go on air to know that simple fact. And what is it with that fat fool that brags about waking up and then first thing, gets on his knees? He has never served in our military, yet he thinks because he will say those three magic words, that the whole world will shake and tremble in fear and obey our every desire. Another so called devote christian that has zero problems bearing false witness. Reminds me of the movies where the hero makes the sign of the cross before he shoots someone. And I am quite sure, he is not on his knees to pray. Yeah cruz, I’m talkin’ about you. And there are a whole host of other comrades that keep insisting that we need to scrap our 4th amendment and continue to record all American’s conversations and Internet activity so that they can continue to fail to identify so called terrorist attacks. Seriously, that bitch clinton (and little jeb! too) thinks that silicon valley should concede all security issues to our government, like our government can keep private keys, private. She and the rest of the israeli suckups have deliberately flooded the mideast with weapons and are directly responsible for creating isis. And now this neo-con bitch claims we need to hold the cyber space ground too? When you pricks tell us how isis got all those american weapons then maybe we can talk about how you want to deny freedom to all of us innocents. I am tired of hearing folks bandy about the word terrorism with the sole intent of ginning up fear and increasing military budgets. Hey fools. Ask the rest of the world. Who is the biggest threat to world peace? The won’t say isis, or isil, or any other of those tiny third world so called threats. They will tell you that it is the homeland that is the biggest threat. So enough of all the self righteous sanctimonious babble about how you folks are nothing more than patriots trying to protect the homeland. There is no homeland. This is America. You fools need to get with the program and treat terrorism as the criminal activity that it is and stop stirring the pot for continuous global war.

The Republican Noise Machine

13 July, 2015 (13:16) | Politics, Science | By: admin

I hate to admit it, but I was once a registered republicant. I even have a signed letter of commendation from papa bush. Boy was I wrong. Older and wiser, I have learned more of the truth. And the truth is republicans cannot rely on their policies to gain the approval of the American people. They can only deceive. Not because I am some flaming liberal, but because I am an engineer trained in critical thinking. None of the bullshit takers meme coming from the right is true, it is a projection. The so called makers, as economic data would suggest, are the world’s biggest and grandest takers. These folks have turned our once democratic republic into an unrecognizable plutocracy all the while claiming they want our country back. Hogwash.

Jeb drips with Arrogant Ignorance

13 July, 2015 (11:14) | Economics, Politics, Science | By: admin

The war criminal’s brother seems to believe that he is a superior being. His comments encouraging the pope to stay out of science is only a sign that this fool doesn’t have a clue about reality. Seriously, he wants the pope and the church to butt out of the climate change issues because the problem should be left to politicians? LOL. Ya mean that politician that brought a snowball to the well of the senate and embarrassed us all by claiming that his snowball was proof that our planet was not getting warmer? Ya mean the same politicians that have done nothing over my lifetime to address the issue? Ya mean the same politicians that knowing lie through their teeth so that they can fill their campaign coffers with oil money? To add insult to injury, the war criminal’s brother has recently claimed that we can and should solve our economic problems by making all american’s work harder. Seriously? How devoid of reality is this man’s world view? Again, in my lifetime a single head of household could work one job, 40 hrs/wk, and raise a middle class family of 4. That was in the 60s before trickle-down reganomics and the fall of most politicians to the greed defined by neo-economics. Since then, middle class families have had to resort to both parents working and then some. I had to laugh when I heard a woman in Colorado, when they were debating legalizing pot, claim that she was worried that legalizing pot would negatively impact worker productivity! If you take the neo out of neoclassical economics, you bring back reality and you discover that if wages had kept up with the strong increases in American productivity, that minimal wages would be somewhere around $20/hr. With all of this staring America in the face, the war criminal’s brother has the audacity to demand that americans need to work more and harder and then and only then, will our economic problems be solved. This my friends, is exactly what you get when your apathy destroys a democratic republic and we get a bunch of political fools that worship an autocratic government. As far as I am concerned, the entire bush family should be jailed and put away and forgotten as they rot away in conditions that they work to impose on all Americans.

Thom Hartman Begs the Question

20 February, 2015 (11:30) | Politics, Science | By: admin

Having recently discovered Free Speech TV I also discovered Thom Hartman, an unashamed progressive and avid supporter of the democratic party. But I got 2 beefs with this man. First, I see no evidence what so ever that his constant recommendation that everyone get out and support the democratic party will do anything to end our plutocracy. The democrats are neck deep in corruption as are the repugnants. Seriously, Hillary Clinton? LOL. I could never support her. Second, he goes on and on at times about 9/11. And in these discussions he continues to assert that he saw the planes hit the trade center buildings and then he watched them collapse. Therefore he states that the planes caused the collapse. That my folks, is the classic definition of begging the question. I am not sure why all these pols don’t understand one of the most basic of all logic forms. I hear this all the time from some of the fools at MSNBC, where they demonstrate their folly by freely substituting the phrase that “begs the question” when they really mean that “brings up the question”. Folks, you cannot use your assertion as a proof. That is just how it works. Furthermore Thom’s example of a acetylene torch to explain how kerosene could cause steel to melt is absurd. While he correctly claims that forcing oxygen into the mix would cause higher temperatures, where is this oxygen infusion? No, allah was not blowing extra oxygen into the twin towers. So stop. Your example only furthers the case for how unlikely a total steel frame collapse appears. Notice, that the only molten steel is directly under the flame. Even the 9/11 commission reports failed to explain the collapse, they only acknowledged that one event followed the other and failed to provide any meaningful argument as to how the buildings fell. (02/24/2015) And now we have yet another example of a steel framed building sporting a raging fire in Dubai. Did the building collapse? Hell no.

America is not crazy, it’s leaders are

18 January, 2015 (09:34) | Economics, Politics, Science | By: admin

I noticed an interesting article this morning and couldn’t help nodding in agreement as I read through it. Indeed, I am baffled by the attitude of the ruling class. What happened to the America I grew up in, or at least, the America I was taught to believe in as I grew up? When I grew up there was no such thing as a right wing propaganda machine like fox noise where blond bimbos regularly flood the airwaves with lies and nonsense. Really, that blond bimbo is all upset that we have obamacare based on a lie? What a fricken joke. Why is it she can’t report on the notion that obamacare is not health care at all, but merely a insurance policy to prevent catastrophic medical bills from landing you in bankruptcy court? My last medical consultation lasting less than 30 mins cost me $230! Healthcare costs, in my experience, run $300-$400 per hour. If you make the mistake of entering an emergency room expect your costs to shoot up to around $1000/hr. Seriously? After shelling out $500 to $1000 per month for an insurance policy with $3000 to $6000 deductables most folks can hardly afford to to pay for real healthcare. And try getting in to see a doctor, any doctor, without one of these ripoff plans. Good luck with that. No little miss flat chested blond bimbo spouting right wing lies, the upper class 1% ruling elites are lying to us about almost everything in their zealous quest for money and power at the expense of the majority of Americans. And while most of these fruitcakes on the right continue to justify their own brand of fascism by demagoguing the rest of the world, here is what the rest of the world thinks of us: Why can’t you Americans stop interfering with women’s health care? Why can’t you understand science? (my personal pet peeve) How can you still be so blind to the reality of climate change? How can you speak of the rule of law when your presidents break international laws to make war whenever they want? How can you hand over the power to blow up the planet to one lone, ordinary man? How can you throw away the Geneva Conventions and your principles to advocate torture? Why do you Americans like guns so much? Why do you kill each other at such a rate? To many, the most baffling and important question of all is: Why do you send your military all over the world to stir up more and more trouble for all of us? The answer is clear. America is no longer the home of the free and the home of the brave. It is a fascist plutocracy based on bold faced lies and while most of us would land in prison or be killed for selling a loosie, our leaders and elites as a regular matter of order are above and beyond the law.