Clinton Caucus Spreads Lies

21 February, 2016 (07:58) | Politics | By: admin

I must admit my first caucus ever was fun, even more so since my precinct favored “the berne” by better than a two to one margin. I actually surprised myself by getting up and questioning the clinton supporters claiming that “the berne” had an electability issue by asking them why “the berne” in national polls beat all gubber challengers by wider margins than clinton did. Clap, clap, clap!

But I was disappointed by the clinton folks as they are either severely misinformed or deliberately spreading lies. One guy in particular got up twice and claimed that implementing a single payer health care system, medicare for all, would require a Constitutional amendment. Seriously?

The other, a member of the LGBT community claimed that she would lose her hard fight rights won under the obama years if “the berne” was elected. Again, nonsense.

This is the type of dirty pool that the clintons are known for and further solidifies my decision to never ever vote for the hill. Others shared my animosity toward anything clinton and worried what we would do since we would not be allowed to write in for “the berne” in the general election.

About 10% of the caucus was undecided on the first ballot and after our 15 minute discussion the undecided broke, again, two to one for “the berne”.

I also got to share my displeasure over the hills’ neo-con policies with one of the of the hill’s campaign leaders telling him I could never vote for the hill due to her foreign policy follies.

clinton’s win in Nevada was slim since she really only won in one area, that of sin city where I assume low informational latino voters gave the hill her margin of victory.