Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers is a tool

28 March, 2015 (11:12) | ACA, Politics | By: admin

I’ve often bristle at this woman as she obediently follows her masters around eagerly parroting anything they say, any propaganda they care to promote, cathy is right there repeating the same bs following her masters around just like a lap dog.

She recently posted this image to her facebook page trying to elicit horror stories from her unfortunate constituents:

republican propaganda

republican propaganda

I actually deleted my facebook account after I got blocked from posting to power to every congressional facebook post that misrepresented the ACA. So fuck you facebook.

The funniest part of this story is that good ol lapdog cathy didn’t quite get the responses she had envisioned.

Let me add my disgust here rather than on that kid’s tool facebook. cathy, knock it off. I finally have health insurance and although that is a far cry from actually having decent healthcare, it is a start. You and your fellow right wing lunatics have nothing and seem bound and determine to make life harder for the majority of Americans.

Get a clue cathy, there is no place for a woman in the rupugnant leadership. Just look at the committee assignments, the only woman that was given a committee chairman post was for the committee that cleans the bathrooms and I hear she is resigning. You are being played for the fool you are and your constituents and the country would be significantly better off if you just disappeared from politics.