Government Run Healthcare

4 March, 2015 (14:35) | ACA, Economics | By: admin

I am pretty tired of hearing pols claim that ObamaCare, the Affordable Care Act, is a government take over of healthcare.

Are these folks delusional, stupid, or just accustomed to insulting the American people?

Folks, the ACA is not a government takeover. You still have to deal with the insurance companies, and I must say, that after obtaining a policy from these folks I was immediately subject to a flood of spam on my cell phone, my email account, and my snail mail.

Folks, the ACA forced the insurance industry to come to grips with their outlandish 20%+ yearly price hikes and brought them to the table with the promise of government subsidies.

An insurance policy is not healthcare. And none of the correspondence I received had anything at all to do with my well being.

My personal opinion is that having to purchase insurance to keep me out of bankruptcy in the case of an accident, is akin to paying protection money to a local mob boss.

Corporations with the sole goal of shareholder value should not be involved with providing healthcare, running our prison systems, or our educational system.