Jeb drips with Arrogant Ignorance

13 July, 2015 (11:14) | Economics, Politics, Science | By: admin

The war criminal’s brother seems to believe that he is a superior being. His comments encouraging the pope to stay out of science is only a sign that this fool doesn’t have a clue about reality. Seriously, he wants the pope and the church to butt out of the climate change issues because the problem should be left to politicians?

LOL. Ya mean that politician that brought a snowball to the well of the senate and embarrassed us all by claiming that his snowball was proof that our planet was not getting warmer?

Ya mean the same politicians that have done nothing over my lifetime to address the issue?

Ya mean the same politicians that knowing lie through their teeth so that they can fill their campaign coffers with oil money?

To add insult to injury, the war criminal’s brother has recently claimed that we can and should solve our economic problems by making all american’s work harder. Seriously? How devoid of reality is this man’s world view?

Again, in my lifetime a single head of household could work one job, 40 hrs/wk, and raise a middle class family of 4. That was in the 60s before trickle-down reganomics and the fall of most politicians to the greed defined by neo-economics. Since then, middle class families have had to resort to both parents working and then some.

I had to laugh when I heard a woman in Colorado, when they were debating legalizing pot, claim that she was worried that legalizing pot would negatively impact worker productivity! If you take the neo out of neoclassical economics, you bring back reality and you discover that if wages had kept up with the strong increases in American productivity, that minimal wages would be somewhere around $20/hr.

With all of this staring America in the face, the war criminal’s brother has the audacity to demand that americans need to work more and harder and then and only then, will our economic problems be solved.

This my friends, is exactly what you get when your apathy destroys a democratic republic and we get a bunch of political fools that worship an autocratic government.

As far as I am concerned, the entire bush family should be jailed and put away and forgotten as they rot away in conditions that they work to impose on all Americans.