8 January, 2016 (13:14) | Economics, NSA, Politics | By: admin

Today the administration sent some of its highest ranking officials to silicon valley to try to enlist some of our tech giants into furthering the war on terror.

These folks are not yet happy in that they have destroyed our 4th amendment with all the useless god damn warrantless monitoring of our Internet, now they are going after our 1st amendment, cause ya know that darn ol’ Constitution is not a suicide pact.

These folks want to turn our tech industry into a bunch of snitches and snoops. And to top it off they are expected to push for the government’s sole right to encryption.

This is pure bs on so many levels it is hard to count. It seems best summarized by Leah in her first encounter with Darth Vader, when she exclaims that the harder Vader tries to clamp down on the various star systems, the more they will slip through his fingers.

Our government does not get it. A bigger haystack has not stopped a single incident of so called terror. Censoring social media will follow close behind in it’s utter failure to change anything, except…

You know those freedoms ol dubya claimed our enemies hated, well our government is fixated on destroying all of them. Soon they seem to reason, there will not be any reason for anyone to hate america. Except of course, Americans.

God damn it mr. potus. When are you going to get it through that head of yours that you are being badly served. For once stop with the pouring more money down the rat trap known as our industrial military complex and start with policies that will actually make a difference to America.

Chasing a cause of death of Americans that ranks at the bottom of the list is hardly good stewardship of our tax dollars and intellect. You would save more lives and money if you directed OSHA to design and require building of ladders that no one could fall off of. Or perhaps automobiles that could not crash.

Enough of this neocon nonsense that serves one purpose, to generate hatred from the rest of the world all the while making a few ceo’s more than a pocket full of change.

And oh yeah mr. potus, don’t expect me to tune in to your upcoming address. I am damn tired of being governed by right wing psychopaths masquerading as democrats.