Hillary Clinton’s True Loyalties

1 February, 2016 (05:18) | Economics, Politics | By: admin

POTUS: Americans not Vetted

25 January, 2016 (11:02) | Politics | By: admin

An article on some unnamed website ran a piece reporting that our potus claims that “feeling the bern” has yet to be vetted. In other words, even though the majority of Americans share the same views as Bernie Sanders, these views are somehow dismissible because the elite have yet to authorize those views.

Seriously? The potus has tried to force major policy agendas like the TPP down our throats and he somehow believes that that supreme give away to corporations that severely diminish our national sovereignty, has been vetted?

Or that those secret laws discussed in secret courts that in effect eliminate our 4th amendment, that these policies have been vetted?

What precisely mr potus do you mean when you claim a policy needs to be vetted?

It is a clear fact that the majority of policies favored by a majority of our population have been denied to us. Why? Because the fat cats that throw around millions for political campaigns do not want what the american people want – it ain’t profitable!

So while the hill claims that she is the pragmatist, that is nonsense. The hill goes where the money is just like thieves coveting banks. The hill has failed to deliver and she views her complicity denigrating policy making as, turning policy decisions into corporate food fights, somehow a rational way to govern.

We are not “accepting half loaves as being better than none” since it is clear Americans are not getting half a loaf, we are getting the crumbs left over after the loaves are sliced up for the elites.

America and Americans are DAMN tired of hearing what we can and can’t have, especially when today it so so easy to look around at the rest of the world and see that popular policies here in this country, things like universal healthcare, are freely available and enjoyed by most of the developed world’s populations but DENIED to the exceptional citizens of our great country.

Enough with the corporate nonsense. It is obvious that America cannot even be allowed to know what the hell is in our food or where the hell it came from least some moneyed interest might fail to turn a fat enough profit. No one, especially freedom loving Americans want or need to be told what our so called elite have vetted and deemed acceptable.

In other words, fuck you.

Looking for America

21 January, 2016 (10:34) | Politics | By: admin

Big Ed is Back!

18 January, 2016 (08:05) | Politics | By: admin

Big Ed, of let’s get to work fame is back. He has landed a gig at RT, a network that I now strongly favor over any of the propaganda served up on corporate networks. And despite corporate nay sayers here in the states, RT is not some putin controlled state network.

Ed left msnbc for good reason. It was about the same time that I also ditched that budding corporate web of political lies and propaganda.

After I heard the great news I switched over to msnbc for all of 30 seconds (all I could stand) to see what was on. There, epitomizing msnbc’s corporate fall (as if we needed more than melty chucky cheese to entertain us) sat two fat men. Chris and Barber were going at it in a contest as to which one of them could crack the biggest smirk whilst they fought it out over which one of them could utter the word “socialist” the most times.

Matthews hasn’t broke any real news in decades, in fact, he has stated mutiltple times that msnbc doesn’t report on the news, they attempt to “make” the news.

Apparently both these clowns prefer the cush jobs they hold under fascism.

Welcome back Ed!

Rubio Salad

16 January, 2016 (10:58) | Politics | By: admin

Step aside sarah, you have been replaced! sarah’s unrivaled ability to string together meaningless right wing talking points is no longer the exclusive property of the palin empire.

She has been replaced by rubio word salads! marco does a remarkable rendition of sarah’s schtick and while garnering applause from the rotten core base of the gubber party, he says absolutely nothing.

Seriously, the only clash of civilizations embodied by rubio is his clash with the virtues of integrity and honesty that are supposed to underpin modern civilization. He strings together one lie after another and thinks he is saying something.

Let’s take his claim that our potus is allowing our military to waste away. The defense budget topped $711 billion last year, a remarkable increase from the previous year. No mr. potus, we do not spend as much as the next 8 countries combined, we spend more than the next 12 countries combined.

And with all the cash, we still hear the shrill pundits claim we are letting our military waste away. The kodak moment during the SOTU address was when our potus claimed we are the most powerful nation in the world bar none and the various military boys all had to look at their commanding officer to see if it was ok to stand up and applaud. Hell, if these boys can’t defend our country with over $700 billion then the donald will just fire them all.

rubio, my advise is simple, just get the fuck out of our country and go back to cuba before trump hits you up with threats of judicial reviews to verify your eligibility to run for our highest office.

Pathetic, simply pathetic

12 January, 2016 (08:11) | Politics | By: admin

Nothing new here, nothing to see, move along, move along.

That is perhaps the best description of the hill’s recent attack (singular) on the bern. She is spouting off on some gun vote taken 20 years ago and sounds so, so hypocritical in the process. But it is fitting, that the hill is worried about something that happened twenty years ago since it seems, that is where she still lives.

Does anyone really want to go back to the days where the gubbers continually attack the hill and she continually fights back, meanwhile, absolutely nothing gets accomplished or changed? The gubbers have mastered obstruction during the obama years and there is no reason to believe that they can’t or won’t step up that game if they lose the white house.

I have had it with being governed by a bunch of theologians. Think about it. Theology is defined as a belief system characterized by an absence of facts. Both the gubbers and the corporatists dems wallow in this mire. What else explains having a senior senator throw a snowball in the well of the senate expecting that act would settle the debate on climate change?

No, it is time for change. I have felt the bern long before the bern decided it was his time to make a move. I will be counting the days until the hill crawls back under that rock where powerful corporate interests pay her millions to give petty 30 minute speeches.

p.s. And chelsea, shut the fuck up. Your attacks on the bern just show how much lying and dishonesty runs in the family. Your petty attacks demonstrate a complete lack of honor.


8 January, 2016 (13:14) | Economics, NSA, Politics | By: admin

Today the administration sent some of its highest ranking officials to silicon valley to try to enlist some of our tech giants into furthering the war on terror.

These folks are not yet happy in that they have destroyed our 4th amendment with all the useless god damn warrantless monitoring of our Internet, now they are going after our 1st amendment, cause ya know that darn ol’ Constitution is not a suicide pact.

These folks want to turn our tech industry into a bunch of snitches and snoops. And to top it off they are expected to push for the government’s sole right to encryption.

This is pure bs on so many levels it is hard to count. It seems best summarized by Leah in her first encounter with Darth Vader, when she exclaims that the harder Vader tries to clamp down on the various star systems, the more they will slip through his fingers.

Our government does not get it. A bigger haystack has not stopped a single incident of so called terror. Censoring social media will follow close behind in it’s utter failure to change anything, except…

You know those freedoms ol dubya claimed our enemies hated, well our government is fixated on destroying all of them. Soon they seem to reason, there will not be any reason for anyone to hate america. Except of course, Americans.

God damn it mr. potus. When are you going to get it through that head of yours that you are being badly served. For once stop with the pouring more money down the rat trap known as our industrial military complex and start with policies that will actually make a difference to America.

Chasing a cause of death of Americans that ranks at the bottom of the list is hardly good stewardship of our tax dollars and intellect. You would save more lives and money if you directed OSHA to design and require building of ladders that no one could fall off of. Or perhaps automobiles that could not crash.

Enough of this neocon nonsense that serves one purpose, to generate hatred from the rest of the world all the while making a few ceo’s more than a pocket full of change.

And oh yeah mr. potus, don’t expect me to tune in to your upcoming address. I am damn tired of being governed by right wing psychopaths masquerading as democrats.

Potus cries, The Bern turns up the heat

5 January, 2016 (16:27) | Economics, NSA, Politics | By: admin

Sorry potus, I have become immune to your voice. I also shed a few tears the minute the polls closed on the west coast and guaranteed your first victory. But I will not apologize for deliberately tuning you out today.

Sure I was disappointed when you refused to investigate war crimes. And don’t get me started on too big to fail. And you know what, obamacare ain’t really that great, but at least I can get insurance to cover medical disasters.

Then you started in with all the lies about how secret laws debated in secret courts was and is a legal justification for recording ALL Internet traffic all the while claiming that no one is really listening and making a big deal about the meta data from the phone companies when we all know that is just the tip of the ice berg.

Your prosecution of Drake was inexcusable as is your drone hit list. And you top it off with pushing that damn TPP crap on us?

No, that is not what you promised nor is that what I voted for.

So while you spent your time on the bully pulpit today shedding some tears, there was another man giving the speech you should have given over 7 years ago.

Not only did the bern declare war on the so called 1%, he came out with knives sharpened for the clintons, mocking hillary’s claim that she told wall street “to cut it out“, dismissing her prescriptions for solving the issues, and laying firmly at Bill’s feat his complicity in creating the near depression of 2008.

Too bad potus. Had you had the guts 7 years ago and called out many of these issues we would be well on our way out of this mess rather than be facing, as we are in 2016, yet another wall street induced recession.

McClintock – an NRA sellout

22 December, 2015 (12:19) | Politics | By: admin

I’ve railed against this right wing fruitcake before and I will continue to do so as long as he continues to publish propaganda under the cover of a member of congress.

In his latest “December E-News”:

Armed Americans are the Best Defense Against Armed Terrorists Mr. Speaker

This is someone who obviously believes that only muslims are capable of a terrorist attack. And this man seems to believe that the only way to defend our country from such attacks is to pound his chest and blame the current administration for their godless liberal immigration policies that have allowed the worst of the worst to freely invade our country.

Seriously? And he gets paid how much? This type of advise is far more likely to get more Americans killed by encouraging vigilante Americans with ill-advised illusions of having bodies impervious to flying lead.

Did I mention how much I despise fruitcake?

O’Malley joins GOP

20 December, 2015 (11:15) | Politics | By: admin

Shame on all of you, from martin to the entire staff at abc.

martin claimed the incident in San Bernardino shooting was an attack on our country, implicitly an isil attack.

Nothing could be further from the truth. There is absolutely no evidence that this was anything more than some deranged orthodox religious killing. Just like the shooting in Colorado Springs.

Both were religiously motivated. One christian, one muslim. There is zero difference between the two. Both could have been mitigated by just a teeny tiny bit of gun control legislation.

Neither counts as an attack on our country.

Yet another fine example of why I don’t and you shouldn’t watch corporate media outlets like abc.

And you martin, get the fuck out of the democratic party.