Potus cries, The Bern turns up the heat

5 January, 2016 (16:27) | Economics, NSA, Politics | By: admin

Sorry potus, I have become immune to your voice. I also shed a few tears the minute the polls closed on the west coast and guaranteed your first victory. But I will not apologize for deliberately tuning you out today.

Sure I was disappointed when you refused to investigate war crimes. And don’t get me started on too big to fail. And you know what, obamacare ain’t really that great, but at least I can get insurance to cover medical disasters.

Then you started in with all the lies about how secret laws debated in secret courts was and is a legal justification for recording ALL Internet traffic all the while claiming that no one is really listening and making a big deal about the meta data from the phone companies when we all know that is just the tip of the ice berg.

Your prosecution of Drake was inexcusable as is your drone hit list. And you top it off with pushing that damn TPP crap on us?

No, that is not what you promised nor is that what I voted for.

So while you spent your time on the bully pulpit today shedding some tears, there was another man giving the speech you should have given over 7 years ago.

Not only did the bern declare war on the so called 1%, he came out with knives sharpened for the clintons, mocking hillary’s claim that she told wall street “to cut it out“, dismissing her prescriptions for solving the issues, and laying firmly at Bill’s feat his complicity in creating the near depression of 2008.

Too bad potus. Had you had the guts 7 years ago and called out many of these issues we would be well on our way out of this mess rather than be facing, as we are in 2016, yet another wall street induced recession.