Seriously, American fricken neo-fascists?

10 December, 2015 (16:20) | NSA, Politics, Science | By: admin

What the hell is going on? Our country has been turned into a homeland and it is being run by neo-fascists! Did I see that news report correctly?

Our sec of defense is on the tube encouraging the entire world to go to war? And he is proud of it? Why do these folks tell us there is no military solution and then go out there and hawk for the military?

But what should we expect?

You’ve got some duecy fool on fox and friends, a show no one would watch if that dumb blond didn’t wear such short skirts. But anyway, there he is professing to be a christian and there he is bearing false witness calmly telling us all that climate change is a hoax. What, does he have something in his eye?

And of all the nerve, that dumb blond, hassleback or something like that, doing a segment promoting martial arts as a way for children to protect themselves against the hot lead fired from the end of a gun. Seriously? It takes some serious training to dodge bullets. She is going to get some kids killed.

The first rule of martial arts is avoidance. Guess hassleback is too busy shortening up her skirts to go on air to know that simple fact.

And what is it with that fat fool that brags about waking up and then first thing, gets on his knees? He has never served in our military, yet he thinks because he will say those three magic words, that the whole world will shake and tremble in fear and obey our every desire. Another so called devote christian that has zero problems bearing false witness. Reminds me of the movies where the hero makes the sign of the cross before he shoots someone. And I am quite sure, he is not on his knees to pray. Yeah cruz, I’m talkin’ about you.

And there are a whole host of other comrades that keep insisting that we need to scrap our 4th amendment and continue to record all American’s conversations and Internet activity so that they can continue to fail to identify so called terrorist attacks. Seriously, that bitch clinton (and little jeb! too) thinks that silicon valley should concede all security issues to our government, like our government can keep private keys, private.

She and the rest of the israeli suckups have deliberately flooded the mideast with weapons and are directly responsible for creating isis. And now this neo-con bitch claims we need to hold the cyber space ground too? When you pricks tell us how isis got all those american weapons then maybe we can talk about how you want to deny freedom to all of us innocents.

I am tired of hearing folks bandy about the word terrorism with the sole intent of ginning up fear and increasing military budgets. Hey fools. Ask the rest of the world. Who is the biggest threat to world peace?

The won’t say isis, or isil, or any other of those tiny third world so called threats. They will tell you that it is the homeland that is the biggest threat.

So enough of all the self righteous sanctimonious babble about how you folks are nothing more than patriots trying to protect the homeland.

There is no homeland. This is America.

You fools need to get with the program and treat terrorism as the criminal activity that it is and stop stirring the pot for continuous global war.