Stupid is as a Texas Sheriff does

12 December, 2015 (16:44) | NSA, Politics | By: admin

Of all the asinine stuff I’ve heard, the latest crap coming from some law man in Texas really tops the cake. He claims that everyone should get armed to protect ourselves.

Seriously? He then goes on, in that obnoxious texas drawl, to claim that our potus needs to learn the 2nd amendment because if he continues to insist that everyone be disarmed, he will have a revolution on his hands.

Asinine? On multiple fronts.

Lets start at the beginning. The second amendment refers to having a well armed militia. Back then the country had no taxes and could not afford a military. So everyone was required to buy a musket just in case we were invaded. It was never intended to be and any sane reading of the amendment cannot justify that it declares the unmitigated right of all americans to own guns.

And what is with these fools that they think a few handguns will allow them to hold off our military that is funded to the tune in excess of $600 billion/year. These fools watch too many batman movies.

And what is all this crap about obama coming to take everyone’s guns away? He has been in office over 6 years. Exactly when is this national confiscation suppose to take place? Stupid in texas means that you can’t tell the difference between a NRA ad trying to sell guns and ammo and reality.

Certainly there are legitimate and sane reasons to own a firearm. But claiming that owning a gun is a right without bounds or restrictions is probably the most asinine.

And just one time I would like to hear these hero’s of freedom, who are so impotent that they need a gun to protect themselves from our government, so physically inept and insecure that they need to brandish a weapon to appease their own egos, express some concern over our government’s complete disregard for our 4th amendment. These folks don’t seem to give a damn about our fourth amendment.

So no, obama is not coming for your guns, but he damn well is recording every conservation and internet transaction everyone in this country makes.