Thank you Judy Miller

4 May, 2015 (11:51) | ACA, NSA, Politics | By: admin

This neo-con patsy has resurfaced as of late, she was in prison doing some time for obstruction of justice or something similar; and since I know little about her I stopped to listen for a bit. Emphasis on a bit.

She sounds just the war criminal Cheney with her stupid arguments and excuses. Seriously, the intelligence on 9/11 was bad? And no one at the time spoke up? Right, like if you said anything, you could still keep your job.

There were a few brave souls that resigned, they got serious harassment from our government when they did. The espionage act? Most of this crap was dropped, but still…

No, Judy is nothing but a shill and a fool. The one thing we have to thank her for is revealing what a shame sunday news is. Recent case on point, chucky cheese todd interviewed the big orange flaccid boner and when the boner lied about Obama-care, chucky said nothing.

So thank you Judith for pointing out that most of what we hear on sundays isn’t worth listening too.