The dumbest Americans

31 March, 2014 (11:45) | ACA, Politics | By: admin

After listening to one of the CSPAN call in shows about the ACA, I really have to wonder whether I am living in some backwards 3rd world country. One lady actually claimed that she saw a woman pull out her ObamaCare card at the doctors office trying to get a mammogram.

Really? She had an ObamaCare card in her purse? LOL. What is it that is so hard to understand that when you sign up for a policy under ObamaCare that the policy you get is still from one of those god damn insurance companies? What, you believe right wing fairy tales that the ACA is a government takeover of healthcare?

I blame republicans for acting like communist dictators in that they waste no time or spare no money spreading propaganda. These folks turn my stomach.

I have yet to see as fact any of the claims that are being made against OCare. Including claims that somehow folks that are well off are getting subsidies. You have to verify your income in order to continue to receive subsidies. These folks are so damn brainwashed and apparently are unable to seek out the truth on their own.

Let’s keep in mind that however you get your insurance, and even though we hear time and time again that ObamaCare must cover preventative procedures, these services do not get paid for by insurance until after you have burned through your deductible.

Just remember, that if it sounds to good to be true, then it is probably not true and that includes the notion that somehow if you pay your premiums that you will get anything free.

And despite over 200 republican amendments to the ACA you still are dealing with an insurance company that could care less about your health. These “free market” solutions to healthcare are self reinforcing ripoffs of all Americans just to make a buck.

The one and only reason you need insurance is because these folks have driven the cost of healthcare so high that it is impossible to afford for most. So you get insurance, the policies get abused by hospitals and the costs go up and up and up.

Just keep in mind that when Republicans tell you we have the best healthcare system in the world, they are lying. We rank some around 37th unless you have millions to spend.

And the next time you hear some fool tell you that she or he saw someone pull out their ObamaCare card dressed in a tux, just laugh.